Why Unytalk?

Real time text, voice and video presence empowers human interaction in an enterprise to boost their engagement and idea-sharing with associates. A user’s context and significance would determine their need to seamlessly upgrade from real time text to voice to video presence based collaboration with the enterprise. Programmable communication services and WebRTC holds big potential to help enterprises deliver this experience to users whether internal or external.

New age Programmable Communication as a Service (PCaaS) providers are offering scalable infrastructure services across text, voice and video that includes WebRTC. This technology integrates the entire communication platforms across any enterprise and gives users the ease to stay connected from anywhere.

In this age of “Less is more”, a hassle-free web based application with powerful user experience design, and built on simple and reliable technology that has low user friction and training needs is a must for customer engagement.

Unytalk was conceived and built with the specific purpose of offering a comprehensive business solution that helps generate revenues for service providers, rather than mere conferencing or communication tools.

Our business solution caters to individuals, institutions or enterprises, in a powerful way to manage service workflows that enmesh seamlessly with conversations, and help generate business outcomes.

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