Why Unytalk?

Unlike conferencing tools, Unytalk requires no downloads, can scale securely on mobiles, tablets and PCs and accommodate up to 3000 live users globally. Also, unlike generic tools, Unytalk is a fully integrate able suite that can be white labeled to your brand.

Unytalk was conceived and built with the specific purpose of offering a comprehensive business solution that helps generate revenues for service providers, rather than mere conferencing or communication tools.

Beyond a Video Conferencing Tool

Enhance collaboration, boost brand, sales & productivity

One-Click Invite & Hassle-Free Joining

No download, one-click invite/access for users on any device

Flexible deployments

Offers both White-labeled cloud (SaaS) and private label on-premises with customizations

Add Value to your Business

Embedded business forms, tools & secure payment gateway

Unytalk is much more than generic video conference or webinar tools.

Experience Unytalk Now

Unytalk is available as a monthly subscription service for virtual group meetings with workspace, and as a pay per use interactive broadcasting solution to power large scale virtual conferences, townhalls, learning and events.

(No credit card required)

A simple, secure and browser-based cloud tool with real time text, voice and video presence.

An easy and user-friendly real-time video-conferencing application that strikes a proper balance between its features and cost. A secure white-label application that offers service providers with features and integration tools relevant to encourage effective business communication.


Simple and secure application to enhance real-time video conferencing with a comprehensive suite of features. All-in-one cloud solution to easily set up video conferences and effectively collaborate business ideas from anywhere on any device.

Customizable Branding

Create a custom background & company logo to personally brand your video conferences with associates.

Interactive multimedia & Intelligent chat

File/web links/screen sharing, instant messaging, image annotations promote clarity & smart decisions.

No download user access

Hassle-free WebRTC based application which requires no download & no signup for customers, partners and associates.

Scalable audio & video conversations

Users can archive chat conversations, HD record & download video conversations from the dashboard.

One-click invite on email or SMS

Schedule or instantly host video conferences by sending one-click meeting invite via email or SMS.

PSTN compatibility

Dial-out and call any PSTN to invite users with poor internet connectivity to seamlessly join the audio calls from their phone.

Multi-user Conferencing

Host small or large video conferences among associates. Join call via mobile phone browser too.

Integrations & tools with secure payments

Business forms and tools to collect details from customers. Secured PCI compliant payment mode.

Simple and transparent pricing

Take a 15-day free trial & choose from flexible plans to fit your needs.



  • 1 to 4 Users
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  • Minimum: 5; Up to 24 Users
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  • Minimum: 25 users and above
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Enterprise customers

Customers choose Unytalk for their business case analysis, UX design and niche skills in transforming the Unytalk programmable communications stack into platforms and solutions that are simple to use, scalable and reliable.

Customer Delight

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