In consideration of the global health crisis and as the coronavirus continues to spread, educational institutions across the world are shutting down as a precaution to limit the spread of the disease. It is highly recommended that all educational institutions have an online learning platform in place to enable a quick shift to virtual learning to reduce the disruption to student’s academics. 

Effective virtual learning depends on an easy to access digital space, real-time interaction between educators and learners and a sense of learning community. Educational institutions need a digital solution that will help overcome the challenge of the inability to run regular classes. They need an optimum solution which will narrow the bridge between the virtual and regular classroom without alleviating the scope of interaction.

“Embrace the change, the digital world is your new classroom”

Unycast is a cloud-based interactive broadcasting platform to support virtual learning and maintain instructional continuity, especially during such panic situations. It is a real-time interactive platform that provides educators and students with an experience very close to face-to-face interaction like in a normal classroom. In this article let’s discuss how Unycast can facilitate virtual learning irrespective of the geographical area of the learning community.

  1. All you need is a basic computer device with a reliable internet connection

    Unycast is a no-download cloud-based broadcasting platform that does not require any expertise or training to get started. It needs absolutely no legwork and hence there is no time wasted for educators to connect with students.

  2. There is no sign-up or passcodes required 

    When considering that the major audience here is students the digital application should be as simple as possible for these young learners to continue their learning. Unycast is hassle-free and needs no download or passcode to be a part of the broadcast. 

  3. One to many video broadcast from anywhere

    The educator can host the broadcast from anywhere and engage with the students in a virtual classroom. Unycast provides an interactive learning experience for both educators and students through audio/videos, whiteboards, instructional digital content sharing irrespective of where they are.

  4. There is no learning disconnect 

    Virtual learning is all about connecting with students in real-time to help them have a positive learning journey until such a crisis ends. Educators can use Unycast’s interactive multimedia chats to enhance learning experience so that students don’t feel disconnected or isolated since they are away from the regular classrooms. 

  5. The effective learning process with minimized distractions

    Interactions in virtual learning create a sense of a more informal and comfortable environment as the students are at the comfort of their homes. Yet, if any student wishes to interact with the educator at any given point, he/she can instantly participate with the help of the event moderator. 

  6. Ask students for feedback and clarify doubts to make sure all are at par

    Educators are used to constantly paying attention to students inside the regular classroom. In a virtual setting, it’s important to intentionally design channels to keep track of students in the form of feedback. Unycast provides private breakout chat areas that can be used to personally interact with students to clarify their doubts and collect feedback as part of the virtual learning process.

All the aforementioned are just some of the benefits Unycast can offer educational institutions. With live broadcasting trending everywhere to bridge the gap, educational institutions should not miss out on the opportunity to leverage it. Get in touch with us to experience Unycast- an interactive broadcasting platform for your institution. We assure that you can count on us during this global pandemic.

“Learning is a continuous process in life, keep sharing knowledge.”

Finally, balance is fundamental to keeping your online learning environment lively and competent. Educators can come up with simple schedules and timelines for students to stay at the right learning pace. Take some time during your broadcast to educate students about taking virtual learning seriously to cope with the regular classes which they have lost. Stay connected by sending updates to both students and parents to ensure all learning information is up to date. Last but not least, keep inspiring students to cope up with the global health crisis and help them achieve their full potential.

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