Effective communication is the most important element of any successful meeting. And today, with the advancement in digital technology, real-time communication is the norm for most companies. Currently, with offices spread wide across the globe, online meetings have to be as productive as possible to ensure good teamwork and collaboration. 

Hosting effective online meetings that accomplish the set goals for your team requires good strategy and planning. However, the major challenge of online meetings is to keep the teammates interested and engaged in a meaningful conversation. 

The purpose of this article is to equip companies with the know-how on executing more productive and successful online meetings. There are 3 major stages involved in an effective online meeting,

  1. Pre-meeting preparation
  2. Online meeting execution 
  3. Post-meeting actions or Review 

The pre-meeting preparation involves choosing the right collaborative software for video conferencing, sending out meeting invites along with meeting agenda to all participants. Create engaging and interactive content and try to avoid static PowerPoint presentations to enhance the visual experience.

Now let’s discuss a few ways about how to add more meaning to your online meetings?

  1. Start your meeting with an ice breaker

    It creates a lighter and positive atmosphere for all meeting participants. 

  2. Greet participants and introduce teammates who are new

    Kind of a warm-up before getting started with the meeting agenda.

  3. Make the meeting as interactive and engaging as possible

    Live visuals, image annotations, screen sharing, etc., are effective ways to encourage active participation among teammates. Enhances the entire online meeting experience for all.

  4. Encourage teammates to share their ideas

    Promotes team collaboration in sharing ideas during brainstorming and make sure all participants feel included in discussions.

  5. Engage in small talks in between

    A gesture to maintain a good connection without losing track of the meeting agenda. Stick to relevant topics and keep it short.  

The work involved in conducting an effective online meeting doesn’t end with the real-time video conference. Make sure to send follow up notes and post-meeting review to all participants along with relevant documents. It helps collaborate further after the online meeting and extend the discussions to accomplish goals set.
Thus, successful online meetings bring great benefits to companies including increased work productivity, team efficiency, and significant savings in travel expenses. To help you lead efficient, effective and successful online meetings get in touch with Unytalk.

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