The growing concerns over the spread of coronavirus has forced the cancellation of numerous public gatherings across the globe. People are skeptical about stepping out of homes and yet not want to miss out on any of their planned events or conferences. Event managers are left with no option but to postpone, cancel, or consider online options for hosting events. 

“Shift from physical to virtual events. They are on a rise.”

Online events offer a quick, effective option when event managers seek alternative solutions. Unlike in-person conferences and events, virtual ones aren’t restricted to geographic locations. All event attendees can participate and join from anywhere in the world, given he or she has access to the internet. And to host a highly interactive broadcast event your digital event platform should help you connect with the audience through chat tools, digital content and live webinars too. Unycast is a simple, easy-to-use digital solution available to host successful interactive online events and conferences. It provides a large-scale interactive broadcasting experience for online events and conferences.

Here are some benefits in using Unycast to host an online event or conference,

  • Instant on-the-go virtual events with no setup required

    Unycast is a cloud-based live-streaming and broadcasting application that requires no download or passcodes to get started. This is the most hassle-free option for any speaker to reach a wider global audience with the least effort.

  • There no need to worry about accommodating a huge crowd

    When you choose Unycast as your digital partner to host an online event or conference you need not worry about the number of attendees. It is also a great opportunity to show inclusiveness as attendees with special needs can also access and participate in the comfort of their living space. 

  • Every attendee can also participate in the virtual conference

    Like in any physical conference where people would like to participate by asking questions or sharing ideas, online conferences can also provide the exact same experience. Event moderators can support live engagement of attendees who wish to participate and there are private breakout chats to facilitate the same. 

  • Intuitive virtual experience to engage and connect with a large audience

    You really needn’t worry thinking your audience will miss the physical event experience. Unycast’s highly interactive online video presence, whiteboard, and digital content sharing provides an immersive experience for the gathering. 

  • Saves a lot of costs when compared to hosting physical events

    Hosting a physical event requires a lot of manpower, effort and time. Online events save a lot of time, effort and money and yet there is no compromise in the visual experience of the audience. 

  • You can still network with event attendees as you do in any physical event

    The main idea behind attending events and conferences is to network with people. Unycast does not deprive you of this opportunity. Attendees can get into the interactive private chat breakouts for nearly face-to-face interaction. 

  • Record your entire event and share with people who couldn’t attend

    There is no way anyone could feel left out. If any of your event or conference attendees were unable to join the live-streaming, Unycast provides an option to share the video of the entire online event with anyone you want to. 

  • An easy way to measure your event success 

    The easiest way to know the success of your online event hosted is to track the number of audiences and interactive attendees in real-time. Your post-event metrics would be a simple way to gauge your event’s success. 

Given the current global health crisis, it is time to embrace online events since it will remain the only option to reach a huge gathering. A successful online event is only when it is highly interactive and the entire virtual experience promises to resonate with the audience later. If you are keen on hosting a successful online event, Unycast is your desired digital partner.

“Online events could be the future of event planning”

Get in touch with us to experience Unycast- an interactive broadcasting platform for hosting your virtual events. We assure you that you can count on us during this global pandemic to reach a larger audience with no effort. 

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