The increasing use of video conferencing applications has become more sophisticated with a wide range of built-in features for effective business communication. These cost-effective yet professional online meeting applications have a lot of operational functionalities providing a vast scope of advantages to its users.

There’s no better way to encourage a positive and engaging business communication than with video conferencing. And, there’s no faster way to share ideas and make smart business decisions than using screen sharing and image annotations. These features play a key role in today’s array of video conferencing applications and add tremendous value to any small business structure.

Here are some of the major benefits of screen sharing,

  • Sharing information and real-time collaboration made easy
  • Increased participation of all meeting attendees increases business productivity
  • Face to screen interaction makes sure every meeting attendee is on the same page
  • Engaging and improved business communication with screen sharing
  • Highly interactive online meetings as participants can share their screen with others
  • Quick and real-time communication through smarter presentations

Some of the key benefits of image annotations,

  • Interactive experience which enhances the engagement of meeting attendees
  • Clear and instant idea sharing among business partners and associates
  • A better understanding of complex ideas through image annotations
  • Show and tell by marking specifics during video conferencing
  • Faster ways to implement and share new ideas
  • Use image annotations on a shared screen to seamlessly collaborate business ideas

In this era of globalization, business takes place anywhere and anytime. The above-mentioned benefits help share your business ideas more effectively during an online meeting. Now think about the added advantages if an application can do more than this. Unytalk is a browser-based application that maximizes the entire video conferencing experience with much more than just screen sharing. It supports multi-screen sharing and the use of multiple annotations. This means, all the meeting attendees can share their screen with others and mark their annotations on a shared image at the same time making it an engaging and interactive experience for all.

If you want to know more about how Unytalk can maximize your video conferencing experience you will have to experience on your own. To explore Unytalk, take a free trial by clicking on the link here or ask us for demo 

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