As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, the entire world is on the lookout for alternative methods to stay connected with each other. As the situation warrants, people are now considering ways to cope up with this disconnect, and it is paramount for all business organizations to stay connected with their workforces. Every business is about relationships that are strongly built through face-to-face communication and interactions. 

During such an unanticipated emergency, it is essential for your organization that employees resume work as quickly as possible. The safety of all employees, business communications, workflow engagement, collaboration, and productivity, are important for your company to stay operational during such situations. This is the case everywhere now and hence, the world’s largest remote-working experiment is on. Remote-working is the much-needed strategy at this crucial hour to maintain unruffled business workflows when formal office facilities are inaccessible for your employees.

“Remote-working has become commonplace for organizations of all sizes.”

While some of your employees are used to remote-working, there might be another kind who is paranoid about not being in office and around people. This is the right time to assess your organization’s readiness and resilience to ensure stability during a contingency period like this. The challenge is to stay connected and collaborate with your distributed workforces, and Unytalk, a cloud-based business communication tool, helps you just do that. This browser-based real-time video-conferencing application provides workforces the ability to work from any location. It is the smart digital solution to stay connected with all your employees working remotely during such emergency crises. Unytalk provides affordable real-time communication and highly reliable collaborative tools to seamlessly carry out business operations.  

In this article, we would like to walk you through Unytalk and the ways in which it can positively impact your company’s productivity when your employees are forced to work remotely.

  1. An instant communication solution to minimize time-wastage

    You need to get your employees back on-board as soon as possible to avoid any disconnect. Unytalk is a web-based video conferencing application and can get you instantly connected as there is absolutely no setup or download required. It offers the best-quality communication available next to in-person meetings.

  2. Schedule Multi-user conferences on the fly

    Run your organization like always, it is just that now your workforce is in a virtual meeting room. Schedule or instantly host video conferences which keep all employees and other stakeholders stay seamlessly connected even when they are away from the formal office space. And there is no tension regarding online information sharing as Unytalk assures high-level data security for all its users. Video conferencing can be done anytime anywhere. 

  3. Effective real-time collaboration and idea-sharing

    Your employees are at their home and not in their regular workspace. They might require a lot of information exchange and collaboration to feel connected. Make your meetings highly interactive through instant chats, real-time information, and screen-sharing. Your employees can use Unytalk’s video collaborative tools and effectively share their ideas as they would in a meeting room. Unytalk also supports real-time image annotations to easily communicate complex ideas during such virtual meetings. Therefore, a significant increase in the efficiency of real-time video collaboration which aids smarter and quicker decision-making with more engaged participants. You can also record the conversations for future reference.  

  4. Poor internet connectivity should not be a deterrent 

    During an emergency crisis like this, network connections are highly volatile. It is bound to happen that some of your teammates may be out of network reach. Unytalk is PSTN compatible, hence there is no hassle of missing out on meetings due to poor internet connectivity. Simply Dial-out and get your teammate to be a part of the audio conference from their landline or mobile.  

  5. Maintain workforce efficiency regardless of the situation

    Your organization’s overall work quality improves with no time wasted on commute and employees can now invest more hours into quality work. With Unytalk, your workforce remains co-ordinated and is working consistently without any setback. 

  6. Lock the deals using our payment integrations & business forms

    Your workforce is now sorted and if you are too worried about losing a business deal due to the communication disconnect, you can still trust Unytalk. There is no need for you to put your business deals on hold. With Unytalk host a video conference with your partners and associates and share business forms in real-time to seamlessly close deals using Unytalk’s secure payment gateways. 

Having said earlier, Unytalk is just not limited to the above-mentioned features. There is a lot more to explore and significantly improve your online video communication. As the good old saying goes, after every bad comes good, an emergency crisis like this speeds up the transformation of work cultures. The mandatory practice of remote-working during such global health crises has now paved the way for a lot of organizations to consider online video communication to keep their business productivity and profits in place. To stay connected with your workforce and continue with your meaningful conversations even during an emergency crisis, just Unytalk. Set up your account in seconds and get going.

“Remote working helps your entire workforce to work in harmony from anywhere.”

Unytalk video conferencing solution is affordable and makes remote-working as productive as being in the office. Get to know how Unytalk can help remote-working by experiencing it on your own. Sign up for a free trial and get started on the go!

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