The healthcare sector is among several others that have been radically transformed by digital technology. An appointment with a doctor is more convenient now, given that medical records are now easily accessible at a click of a button for hospitals, doctors as well as patients.

Small clinics to large hospitals have realized the need for digitalization to improve their hospital workflow and enhance their patient’s health and wellness.

The adoption of a digital healthcare solution has proved to increase patient retention and subsequently improve the bottom line of any healthcare practice. Video conferencing in healthcare improves the quality of service by providing healthcare providers, and patients a tool and means to effectively collaborate. Through collaboration driven by video conferencing, patients receive improved care and better-quality services.

Here are some of the benefits of video conferencing in healthcare:

  • Healthcare video conferencing provides effective communication between doctors and patients/doctors and other practitioners
  • Doctors can instantly access real-time patient information and render personalized care and quality services
  • Healthcare video conferencing saves a lot of time and cost for both doctors and patients
  • Doctors can reach out and serve a lot of patients in less time
  • Builds stronger relationships between doctors and patients
  • Provides a secure virtual environment maintaining utmost privacy of patients
  • Healthcare practitioners can quickly attend to emergencies through video conferencing saving more lives

In summary, video conferencing in healthcare has proved to be a very effective tool in making healthcare services more available to the masses. Justifying an investment in video conferencing application is obvious since the benefits of video conferencing in healthcare are not just limited to doctors and patients, it benefits hospitals as well.

Unytalk is serving the healthcare sector as well with the best of our video conferencing services. We have brought together digital health strategy and our deep industry knowledge, to help healthcare practices build and scale a unified digital healthcare solution- Unycare. An integrated digital platform to simplify the entire healthcare process and not just limited to video communications. It provides a simple and easy to use interface on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones allowing the right personnel to quickly access the necessary information when they need it, no matter where they may be.

If a doctor’s work and time can be effortlessly managed, a patient’s needs fulfilled immediately, and also cuts down money spent by hospitals, why not take full advantage of the opportunity?  Experience these video conferencing benefits (and more) in your hospital by contacting us for more information.

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