Unytalk Inc was incorporated in June 2018 as a highly focused one stop solution for enterprises looking to leverage programmable cloud communications. We are dedicated to enhancing the digital presence of businesses, nonprofits or governments by bringing usability, adoption and ROI to the existing enterprise systems. Our holistic approach guarantees real-time video communication to be cost-effective, scalable and purposeful to meet the expanding business communication needs.

In the year 2014, our parent company Neobric Inc started integrating cloud based communication services to deliver scalable and reliable conversational user interface solutions in smaller use cases. Over the years, they have connected globally and built partnerships with some of the best programmable communication service and computing infrastructure providers. 

Neobric has also invested in building and validating a set of reusable modules and skilled resources in the field of WebRTC, Unified Communications and front end user experience powering technologies.

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