All-in-one, HIPAA compliant online practice management, teleconsulting & concierge healthcare platform


Healthcare industries across the globe are driven by two major objectives i.e., quality of service & significant cost reduction. Quality of service and Significant cost reduction. Doctors and healthcare professionals need real-time information on patient’s medical reports to facilitate their communication with patients, and to make their treatment and services more effective.

Keeping in mind these growing demands of the healthcare industry, Unytalk provides a simple digital solution, Unycare to collaborate with its key stakeholders in this sector. The core objective of Unycare is to keep our digital solution simple and user-friendly for its consumers.

A unified digital communications platform that enables easy, efficient and effective delivery of healthcare systems. Unycare helps all relevant stakeholders in a care continuum to connect, communicate and collaborate. This enables doctors and hospitals to empower and engage patients for better outcomes in a care continuum, along with promoting better capacity building & utilization.

Unycare enhances the doctor to patient (D2P) / doctor to doctor (D2D) connect, and is useful for doctors in an individual group or hospital settings. Typically helps improve communication, patient empowerment, engagement and education in particular or across the entire healthcare delivery continuum, in a highly cost-effective manner.



Unycare platform provides a simple and easy to use interface on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

An intuitive cloud-based platform that can integrate with an existing EMR, practice management or hospital management system as a white labeled system.

Unycare is easy to set up and integrates seamlessly into your existing practice or healthcare delivery systems.



DICOM & Image/PDF Viewer

Add/request and view an array of patient & doctor uploaded reports.


Intuitive scheduling & re-scheduling workflows for doctors and patients. Track the doctor’s availability.

360 degree Profiles

Doctor and patient profiles allow to connect with each other in contexts of need.

Online Payments

Create online payments for online consultations & engagement.


Tablet interfaces for doctors and Mobile interfaces for patients for quick access.

Key advantages

  • Save precious time
  • Value for money
  • Improved patient relationship
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