Empowering live conversations to get work done

All-inclusive features to engage and collaborate with people across geographical boundaries with meaningful conversations.

Build Brand Awareness

Improving brand recognition among associates/customers is a boost for any business. Simply follow a few steps to create a custom background & company logo to brand your company’s page. Promote your brand through every personalized video conference with your associates.

Easy to start, Easy to join

No annoying Plugins or App installs to join a video call. Our WebRTC based application is user-friendly and requires no download or PIN for users to attend video conferences. Also, there is no signup or registration required for guest users.

One-click meeting invite on email or SMS

Setting up a video conference has never been so simple. Schedule or instantly host video conferences by sending out one-click meeting invites via email or SMS to participants. Your meeting participants have to simply tap on the link and get on-board.

Customer Engagement through Multi-user Conferencing

Engaging with partners/associates in a collaborative conversation improves trust & transparency in business. Host small or large video conferences to increase business interaction among business partners. Your meeting attendees can join conferences via phones too.

Interactive multimedia & Intelligent chat

Explore the added support to facilitate your critical business discussions. Scale your audio and video experience through real-time screen sharing with other users. Give deeper insights and empower your associates/partners by sharing files/web links. Instant messaging, easily upload images and annotate to promote visibility & smart decision making.

Scalable Audio & Video presence

Mark your presence in a large community and never miss a moment of your meetings. Archive individual/group chats, record & download video conversations and also view the business forms shared by other users during the call. Every detail of your video conversations is retrievable and is available in your conversations archive dashboard.

PSTN compatibility

There is no way the internet can slow you down. Business partners/associates with weak internet connectivity need not miss a business conference again. The host can simply use the dial-out option and call any PSTN landline or mobile and invite users to seamlessly join the audio conference.

Integrations & tools with secure payments

The most important interaction for any business is the exchange of information. Share business forms with prospects during your call to gather their contact details & close a deal by initiating the payment through a secure PCI compliant payment mode. Never miss an opportunity again.

Invite, Chat, Video & Collaborate

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